Because we understand the healthcare technology industry.
CPS brings our clients expertise in healthcare, IT and Information Management.  We have honed these skills both as consultants serving healthcare organizations nationwide and in practice as leaders in a large nationally-recognized academic medical center. We have a comprehensive understanding of industry requirements, including such things as the unique security needs of healthcare including PHI, PII and PCI.

Because our experience is our strength.
CPS personnel have engaged in numerous successful technology management and consulting projects.  As our healthcare customer, you will spend less time explaining your business processes and industry standards to us, allowing us to spend more time focused on your specific needs.  In addition, our direct technology experience allows us to successfully integrate with your IT Team, with a comprehensive understanding of their processes and requirements.

Because we employ industry experts.
CPS personnel average more than ten (10) years of service in the healthcare industry with expertise ranging from project management to technical solutions to software development.  CPS’s leadership team includes healthcare technology executives with direct applicable expertise.

Because we have a proven Project Management approach.
CPS provides a proven methodology for project management that is based on industry standards from the Project Management Institute (PMI). We apply our proven approach and industry understanding to ensure successful project outcomes including on-target solutions, on-time results, and on-budget delivery.

Because we remain committed.
CPS is dedicated to your organization’s continued success.  We stand behind our project delivery; being available now and in the future.

To learn more about how we can work with you and your utility needs, contact us today.